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Zec Consulting Inc.

"Although initially the vinyl siding appeared simple, upon further investigation it became evident that major repairs to the base wood structure are required at most of the townhouse units. At every step along the project Town and Country Contracting were extremely cooperative and assisting.  We are impressed with the meticulous and detailed work that the Town and Country Contracting crew performed with a final outcome of esthetically beautiful facades and overall  appearance of the entire complex."

                                                                                            -Vera Zec


Newton-Trelawney Property Management

"I find Town and Country Contracting to be very competitive without any compromise in quality. The personnel are well liked by my clients and I regularly receive numerous excellent reports.  I especially appreciate the assistance they regularly provide with direction in the preparation of specifications."


                                                                                    -Colin Sinclair


 Guardian Property Management Services

"Town and Country  Contracting has diligently and successfully completed a significant number of contracts on behalf of my company in the 14 years of our professional relationship.  I have confidence in the ability and professionalism of the management and staff of Town and Country Contracting and therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients."


                                                                                          -Ian Slater


St. Paul's Basilica, Toronto

"I have worked with Town and Country Contracting for the past 18 years.  Their work has been so exceptional that I have referred them to others who were just as satisfied.  The Basilica is valued at 35 million dollars and their last restoration project was a challenge they met well.  I have no hesitation in recommending them highly as I consider them at the top of their profession."


                                                              -Monsignor Brad Massman


St. Gregory's Church, Oshawa

"This was a very extensive project encompassing electrical, mechanical, carpet, marble, plaster restoration, painting, sacred arts and new design cues through out...I would strongly recommend Town and Country Contracting to anyone looking for quality professional work and look forward to dealing with them again in the future."


                                                                 -Father Guenter Petricek




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